Nipple Correction Surgery in Maidenhead

Nipple Correction Surgery in Maidenhead


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0 nights


Local, occasionally general

Recovery time

6 weeks to 12 weeks

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Nipple Correction Treatment Guide

Learn everything about nipple correction surgery in our extensive treatment guide; including the benefits of surgery, surgical techniques, risks and complications, and information on aftercare and recovery. Trust Medbelle to provide medically backed information reviewed by world-class surgeons.


Nipple correction surgery clinics

For patients located in the Maidenhead area, consultations are offered at The Bridge Clinic, while the procedure itself takes place at the Cadogan Clinic in Chelsea, one of Medbelle's state-of-the-art cosmetic clinics in London.

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Do I need a GP referral for a nipple correction?
How long after pregnancy must I wait to have a nipple correction?
How long after breastfeeding must I wait to have a nipple correction?
Will I need additional surgeries after My nipple correction?

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