How Breast Reduction & Male Breast Reduction differ

Discover more about the differences between male breast reduction surgery and breast reduction surgery.

How Breast Reduction & Male Breast Reduction differ

The beauty of plastic surgery is that it gives patients control over the look of their bodies. Some patients, men, women and nonbinary alike, look to plastic surgery to reduce the size of their breasts. However, there are differences between the procedures known as breast reduction and male breast reduction.

What is breast reduction surgery?

In essence, breast reduction surgery is a type of procedure that intends to reduce the size of a patient’s breasts in order to provide the patient with breasts that are more proportionate for their body, shapely and perky.

To achieve an aesthetically beautiful look, breast tissue, fat and skin are removed from the breast, and the nipple is often moved higher on the breast to reduce sagging.

Depending on the amount of the reduction, there are various methods that can reduce the size of the breasts. Liposuction is sometimes useful for patients who only want a small breast reduction. Incisions around the nipple and down to the crease of the breast can remove much more tissue and easily perfect the shape of the breasts.

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What is male breast reduction?

The aim of the male breast reduction surgery is to remove excess breast tissue, skin and fat from the chest that may have caused emotional discomfort, lack of confidence or given the individual a non-masculine physique. It's a common procedure, with around 400 patients undergoing the surgery each year in the UK.

Gynecomastia is the term used for a male individual with excessive breast tissue growth; various factors can contribute to this, including genetics and lifestyle.

Incisions vary depending on how much tissue needs to be removed but typically, they go around the areola area or, if liposuction is used, in the armpit. Similar to breast reduction surgery, your surgeon will discuss your options and likely outcomes with you so you have realistic expectations as to what you can achieve with the procedure.

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