Breast Reduction Pills: What are they and do they work?

So-called breast reduction technologies are easy to come by and it is understandable why people are tempted by the lure of an anonymous and affordable alternative to surgery. But they can be dangerous

Cory Jones

October 8th, 2020

At Medbelle, we believe that proper education and easily accessible information about surgical procedures is the best way to ensure the happiness of our patients. Only by gaining a real understanding of the pain, the aftercare, the scarring, and all other factors relating to surgery can patients know whether a procedure is right for them. It can also help them to properly manage their expectations should they choose to undergo a procedure. Unfortunately, in the internet age, researching anything in the medical sphere is made increasingly difficult because misinformation is now easier to come by than well-researched and medically accurate information.

This article tries to combat this misinformation and debunk one of the most common myths about breast reduction surgery, self-medication and the alternatives to surgery.

Breast reduction pills and creams, do they work?

The most commonly circulated and perhaps one of the most dangerous myths about breast reduction relates to breast reduction pills or breast reduction creams. These so-called breast reduction ‘technologies’ are very easy to purchase and it is understandable why people may be tempted by the lure of an anonymous and affordable alternative to surgery; and one which arrives by post.

However, the truth is not so appealing. Breast reduction pills and creams can not only fail to achieve the desired results but they can even be harmful to your health.

A 2010 report by the European Medicines Agency found that over 60% of medicines bought online were substandard or fake. Indeed, many websites selling these quick and easy ways to change your body are outright scams. They exist to exploit people’s desire for anonymity regarding matters of their body and health.

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Are breast reduction 'technologies' safe?

You should always be wary of pills or creams with no backing from clinical trials because it is possible that ordering bogus breast reduction pills can lead people to consume pills which contain harmful ingredients, ingredients with harmful side effects or lead people to apply creams containing ingredients which are harmful to their skin.

The best way to guarantee you do not buy fake or harmful ‘medicines’ is by talking to your GP before you purchase anything. Only through consultation and examination will a medical professional be able to decide whether the symptoms or discomfort you are experiencing is best remedied by certain lifestyle choices or by a surgical procedure like a breast reduction. GPs and surgeons will always advise you on the best course of action - which incidentally will never be to buy pills off the internet.

Even in a best-case scenario, breast reduction pills are little more than repackaged appetite suppressors or weight-loss supplements. So-called breast reduction pills are categorised under food supplements rather than medicines so even if the website or store is legitimate, the pills will not be subjected to the same stringent regulations as medicines. Furthermore, weight loss alone will rarely help you to reduce the size of your breasts to an optimal level.

Remember, expert advice is always available

The most problematic aspect of buying breast reduction pills or cream online is that is skips arguably the most important step of all: seeking the advice of medical experts. Your GP will be able to assess your body and tailor their advice to your individual needs. Some people may be drawn to pills or cream because the thought of financing the surgical procedure is not an option at present or surgery itself is too scary.

Others may be comforted by the fact they don’t have to talk about their body, their discomforts or their insecurities to anyone else, but self-diagnosis is never recommended. In fact, the anonymity of ordering supplements online is simultaneously their appeal and their danger.

You can avoid harming your body through bogus 'medicines' or wasting your money on glorified appetite suppressors. If you feel you want or need breast reduction surgery schedule a call with our Patient Care Advisers, or book a free consultation with a Medbelle surgeon today. You are worth more than self-diagnosis or self-medication, you should talk to expert medical professions and get the proper advice you deserve.

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