Sex after Breast Enlargement Surgery

How long after breast enlargement surgery must I wait till I can have sex? Find out more here.

Chloe Gale

Chloe Gale

November 16th, 2020

Sex after Breast Enlargement Surgery

When researching breast enlargement surgery a common question that patients have is "how long after breast enlargement surgery can I have sex?". Here are important things to consider when deciding on having the procedure.

How long after breast enlargement surgery can I have sex?

Following your breast enlargement surgery, you'll need to wait until you're around 4 weeks post-op and feeling up to engaging in physical activity such as sex. Exerting yourself in the initial stages of recovery could be detrimental to your health and to your surgical results. You should be aware of choosing positions that do not press or put pressure on the chest during the recovery period and it goes without saying you should stop should you feel any discomfort.

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What Risks are there to having Sex after Breast Enlargement Surgery?

As mentioned above, it’s important to wait until your breasts have healed enough before you engage in intimate activities. The biggest concern with breast enlargement surgery is incision disruption, physical engagement such as sex, excessive "jiggling" or pressure placed on the healing breasts could lead to a complication with the healing of your wounds.

You'll be able to talk to your surgeon in consultation about any concerns you may have and they will be able to give you a more insightful and personalised recovery plan so you'll know what you can and can't do. If at any point you are unsure your Patient Care Adviser is always on hand to help answer any questions you may have about breast enlargement surgery.

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