What Exercises Can I Do Following Breast Reduction Surgery?

The Dos and Dont's for post-op exercises following breast reduction surgery. We take a look at how you can maintain your health and wellbeing while recovering.

What Exercises Can I Do Following Breast Reduction Surgery?

Written by Medical Quality Manager, Clare , BN (Hons)

Medical Review by Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Lizzie Tuckey , MBBS, BA

Published: Friday 7 June 2024

The recovery for breast reduction surgery requires patience and planning and whilst it’s important to allow your body time to heal, maintaining healthy activities can do wonders for your recovery and your mental health too.

Let’s take a look at dos and don’t in terms of exercises you can do following breast reduction surgery.

Do listen to your body

Recovery from surgery is very personal. Some patients may find they feel back to their normal selves within a couple of weeks, others may need longer. This is why you should listen to your body and follow your personalised breast reduction surgery care plan from your surgeon. If you are feeling tired, sore or tender then you need to rest up, monitor your recovery and take things slowly. Exerting yourself in post-operative recovery could be detrimental to your health and results.

Don’t push yourself too much

As mentioned above, you don’t want to go rushing back into your normal activities too soon. Guidelines recommend resting up for one to two weeks following your breast reduction surgery. We appreciate that life commitments may be looming but it’s important to make sure you have adequate childcare, help with food shopping and transportation before moving forward with the procedure.

Do take walks around the house regularly

After being discharged from the hospital following your breast reduction surgery it’s important to not lie around all day, gentle strolls around your home will promote good blood circulation which is important for the healing process and keeping active, even in small ways, can stimulate the mind and help relieve boredom.

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Don't attempt strenuous activities or exercises

It can take up to six to eight weeks after your breast reduction surgery for you to be able to partake in intense sports and exercises like contact sports, weights and high-impact cardio. Anything that "jiggles" the breasts or could injure your healing chest could be very painful and could lead to complications. It's therefore recommended you avoid any activities that involve things flying at you like football, netball and other ball sports. Be sure to watch out for activities that could involve you being in close proximity with others like contact sports, sex or rush-hour on the train.

Do take the time to look after your mind and body

Low impact exercises can generally be resumed from three to four weeks post-op, but as mentioned, you must follow the personalised advice from your surgeon. Stretching is encouraged to loosen up joints that may have become stiff due to inactivity. Yoga can be beneficial for stress relief, relaxation and muscle tone.

Typically, individuals who have had breast reduction surgery find that they can swim after four weeks, this is dependant on the incision sites being closed and there being no ongoing complications.

If you're ever unsure about what you can and can't do following your breast reduction surgery do speak to your with your surgeon.

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