Medbelle Cooking Classes

Our new event series explores different ways to encourage growth and development

Medbelle Cooking Classes

There has always been an emphasis on personal development at Medbelle and we have gone to great lengths to assist with the team’s professional and personal growth. This has been exemplified by some of the company benefits including a monthly personal development budget which, in the past, has been used for workshops, online courses and team building events.

And so, after a suggestion from members of our team, we decided to combine our learning culture with our social culture. This first took form during the lockdown earlier in the year, when we offered an online cooking class. More recently, as in-person events have returned to our social calendars, we hosted a second cooking class in the kitchen of our Kreuzberg office.

Cooking Class III

This time, Mexican food was on the menu, as our team came together to make burritos, tacos and margaritas! We split into groups and took charge of a variety of dishes including refried beans, homemade guacamole and a red-hot pico de gallo. The class was conducted by a member of our team with years of cooking experience in a Mexican restaurant and the group was delighted to learn some insider-tips and techniques.

Our team is diverse and international, and we celebrate the different cultures, upbringings and experiences that each team member brings with them. We not only see it as something worth celebrating, but also as something we can all together learn from. It was wonderful to see the team gelling through learning and sharing special moments together at the dinner table.

The third installment of the Medbelle Cooking Class is just around the corner too, with a special evening of Venezuelan food and drink scheduled for mid-October.

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