Aberdeen Orthopaedics & Medbelle Launch Diagnostics Package

Medbelle is proud to announce our partnership with Aberdeen Orthopaedics

Aberdeen Orthopaedics & Medbelle Launch Diagnostics Package

Written by Chloe Gale

Published: Friday, 25 February 2022

Medbelle is proud to announce our partnership with Aberdeen Orthopaedics, a network of highly-experienced orthopaedic specialists who work together to ensure patients in the surrounding areas receive the most-effective treatments and care.

Our shared vision of providing patients with simpler, smarter and more personalised healthcare means this collaboration is built on the understanding that all patients deserve better. Patients benefit from receiving a Medbelle Patient Care Adviser who will guide and support them throughout their treatment, and Aberdeen Orthopaedics can rest assured that their patients are well looked after. Aberdeen Orthopaedics provides the highest level of orthopaedic care with decades of experience and a closely linked web of multidisciplinary specialists.

Medbelle provides patients from Aberdeen Orthopaedics with continuous support from their adviser, clear and simple payment options and one point of contact for all appointments.

To further improve the patient experience and fast-track any necessary care required, we are offering an all-inclusive diagnostic package to all patients:

Our package price is £545 and includes:

  • Virtual assessment from a GP or Physiotherapist & referral for an imaging appointment
  • A relevant scan performed in a local imaging centre with a radiologist report
  • Virtual or face to face consultation with an expert Aberdeen Orthopaedic surgeon, arrangement and booking of necessary surgery and physiotherapy care

The package not only saves the patient money but also time and stress. We appreciate it can be difficult to understand what imaging is required and the next steps in the orthopaedic journey which is why we’re working together to make every patient’s care as simple and as smooth as possible, so they can concentrate on their recovery.

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