Medbelle and Toll House Clinic partner to streamline care

The partnership will help patients dealing with the fragmented world of private healthcare by streamlining referrals and providing individual support.

Medbelle and Toll House Clinic partner to ##streamline care##

A new partnership will enable the use of digital technology to end the fragmented care experienced by patients in and around Yate and Chipping Sodbury who need physiotherapy, surgery, or other musculoskeletal procedures.

Toll House Clinic, based in Chipping Sodbury on the outskirts of Bristol, has joined forces with Medbelle, the world’s first ‘digital hospital’, making it easier for physiotherapy patients who need further care, such as surgery, to be referred or to seek individual guidance from a Patient Care Adviser.

As part of the Medbelle network, Toll House Clinic can now refer patients who need surgical intervention with a process that is more efficient and transparent. Medbelle patients are also assigned a Personal Care Adviser, who guides them through their treatment and helps to organise logistics.

Danielle Golton

'I am excited to partner with Medbelle in order to offer the support that our patients deserve when seeking further opinions or surgery. Having a personal contact offering the different options available privately and the transparent costs involved are key benefits to our patients.'

Danielle Golton, Director at Toll House Clinic

Experienced team of specialists

Toll House Clinic Ltd is a multidisciplinary clinic treating all musculoskeletal conditions and sporting injuries. First set up 27 years ago in Chipping Sodbury by the Lead Physiotherapist, Danielle Golton, it began life as just two treatment rooms, but has since expanded to three floors encompassing a studio for rehabilitation, yoga, and pilates.

The experienced team of thirteen specialist therapists and four administrators offer a number of services including post-operative rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports massage, Sports therapy, podiatry and chiropractic care.

The clinic is a member of Physio First, the trade association for chartered physiotherapists in private practice. Medbelle and Physio First recently announced a new member scheme aimed at helping Physio First physiotherapists to benefit from a partnership with Medbelle.

sarah mcgee

‘Toll House Clinic have almost three decades of experience caring for patients, and they know that smooth referrals between clinicians can make a real difference to the patient experience. Too often a fragmented system doesn’t allow that to happen. Medbelle provides one-to-one support and uses digital technology to make the referral process smooth and efficient.’

Sarah McGee, Medbelle’s Primary Care Partnership Manager

Danielle Golton continued: ‘The patient journey for those who need additional care is of utmost importance to us. Having all the options available on one platform along with a personal contact from Medbelle will offer patients support at a time which is understandably concerning.’

As well as physiotherapists, Medbelle’s network includes experienced consultants around the country who can provide surgical care. Because Medbelle provides the services of a hospital digitally, the patient experience is more efficient, while clinicians are better connected to each other and to their patients.

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