Medbelle & Ascenti Pilot Digital Integration Together

We are looking forward to the progression of our pilot with Ascenti, integrating digital technology to provide patients with a smoother experience between primary and secondary care.

Medbelle & Ascenti Pilot Digital Integration Together

We are excited to announce Medbelle and Ascenti are embarking on a pilot together to lead the integration of primary and secondary care. By combining our expertise and experience in digital health we improve the patient experience and enable harmonious communication between physiotherapists and surgeons. It‘s no secret that the transition into secondary care can be disjointed for patients and clinicians alike. Our collaboration aims to eradicate the issues most patients endure when exploring their care options; call wait times and unanswered voicemails, a lack of clarity regarding treatment options, finding the best specialist, and complex and confusing pricing. With the goal of providing simpler, smarter, more personal healthcare for everybody, Medbelle and Ascenti are piloting the use of an integrated platform to improve communication and referrals between physiotherapists and surgeons. Digitalising and simplifying this is revolutionary for patient care and is a huge step forward for the healthcare sector. This will allow specialists to ensure value-based care is delivered to all their patients.

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Some of our patients sustain injuries that won’t respond to physiotherapy and need further input from a surgeon or specialist. Staying connected to these patients as they progress through surgery is really important for our physiotherapists. We are delighted to pilot this with Medbelle as their platform and process enables our team to track and follow up patients needing secondary care and they offer a seamless end-to-end service which provides patients with a fantastic experience.”

Kevin Doyle, Chief Commercial Officer, Ascenti

Connecting primary and secondary care is no mean feat. Outdated processes and a reliance on time-consuming communications have taken their toll on referrals and patients receiving the care they need. For example, when physiotherapists refer patients to secondary care there is currently no standardised practice. Our Medbelle network, triage process and specially designed digital platform ensures that patients receive fast access to surgical assessments and necessary treatment, and the physiotherapist is kept updated every step of their patient’s journey.

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As a secondary care network of leading UK surgeons, we saw congruity with Ascenti, a UK network of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists equally adept in digital technology; with their core values and expertise, a collaboration made perfect sense. In our mission to raise the standard of healthcare for all, we ensure the patient experience is at the centre of the process and available for all patients with musculoskeletal conditions or complaints. This pilot will give patients fast access to virtual and face-to-face appointments with both highly experienced physiotherapists and expert surgeons, with the option of an all-inclusive diagnostic package. Healthcare professionals benefit from harmonious referrals and clear and up-to-date communication via our custom-built digital platform, all with the knowledge that their patients also receive a personal patient care adviser dedicated to providing support throughout.

Diagnostics Packages

For a full diagnostic assessment and treatment plan, many patients need imaging before their consultation

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Being able to digitally connect physiotherapists and surgeons on one streamlined platform is pioneering the future of healthcare and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes. Referrals between the two are simplified, notes on both sides are accessible, and transfer of care between primary and secondary care becomes seamless. We share common values with Ascenti, to raise the standard of healthcare for patients and provide a better patient experience.

“We’re really delighted about working with Ascenti. Ascenti is one of the largest providers of physiotherapy in the UK and it enables us to continue to deliver on our plans to offer care that is simpler, personalised and patient-focused. In Ascenti, we know we have found a great collaborator that shares our vision to better connect physiotherapists and consultants through technology. This means patients can get better care and improved outcomes quicker. This integration also means sharing our learned experiences and knowledge to continually push improvements for patients, physiotherapists, surgeons, and support the healthcare industry.”

Dan Howcroft, Chief Medical Officer, Medbelle

Ascenti’s network is truly nationwide, with over 90% of the UK population living within 5 miles of an Ascenti clinic. It has over 300 clinics offering high-quality care and a focus on providing unbeatable customer service. They have achieved this through investing in and developing bespoke technology that allows them to provide services digitally. This pilot between Medbelle and Ascenti is full of possibilities to benefit more and more patients, utilising technology to enhance the level of care surgeons and physiotherapists are able to provide, leading to improved outcomes for patients.

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