Medbelle CPD & Networking Event: Sheffield

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of hosting our first physical Medbelle event in Sheffield for clinical professional development and networking among our primary and secondary care partners.

Medbelle CPD & Networking Event: Sheffield

Written by Chloe Gale

Published: Friday 26 November 2021

Earlier this month on the 10th of November, we had the pleasure to host our first physical Medbelle event in The Chimney House, Sheffield which brought members of our team together with some of our partners. This networking opportunity and Clinical Professional Development (CPD) event coincides with our recent expansion into spinal specialities in the Yorkshire area, following our partnership with Sheffield Orthopaedic Ltd. Events like these are essential in our mission to raise the standard of healthcare for all. We offered the opportunity for physiotherapists, general practitioners and orthopaedic specialists to network and integrate to grow vital connections between primary and secondary care leading to a better patient experience.

In attendance were guests from varying primary and secondary care providers; physiotherapists from Pure Physiotherapy, Tapp Healthcare, and orthopaedic consultants from Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd and Medbelle representatives. The group enjoyed talks from specialist foot & ankle surgeon, Mark Davies, spinal specialist, Lee Breakwell, and Medbelle’s CMO Dan Howcroft, and Co-Founder and CEO, Leander de Laporte.

The topics covered by the speakers ranged from industry innovation to practical teachings, with a focus on improving patient outcomes for both private and NHS patients. It included Dan Howcroft’s introduction to value-based care, which is the leading principle behind Medbelle’s approach to simple and accessible healthcare. Guests also heard Lee Breakwell’s engaging clinical talk on the management of common spinal problems, featuring specific guidance on how to approach patients with possible cauda equina or infection should they come across them in their practice. During this one-to-one training with our leading spinal surgeon, physiotherapists were offered the chance to ask questions and earn certification for their yearly CPD.

The presentations by Leander de Laporte and Mark Davies, meanwhile, focused on the evolution of technological advances in healthcare. They spoke of how the landscape will change over the coming years and how they are enacting their shared vision to optimise personalised one-to-one care and make it accessible to all. Their talks embodied the pioneering initiative and new partnership between Sheffield Orthopaedics Ltd, a healthcare mainstay providing exemplary orthopaedic surgery, and us at Medbelle, a digitally focused healthcare provider leveraging technologies to optimise personalised patient care. Together we are rethinking pathways and practices in healthcare, seeking constant innovation in a tireless ambition to raise the stand of healthcare.

In addition to this, the event offered a platform to connect industry-leading orthopaedic surgeons in the region to local physiotherapists. It helped them to meet, mingle and build trust. These relationships combined with our technology and patient-centric service can connect the dots between primary and secondary care.

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Our Next CPD & Networking Event: London

If you missed the Sheffield event, worry not. The presentations from the night are attached here. Better still, Medbelle will be hosting a second CPD and Networking event in central London on Tuesday 25th of January, in the Crimson Bar of the Soho Hotel. Guest speakers include consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Paul Trikha FRCS (Tr & Orth). We look forward to welcoming you.

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Photos from the night

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