New partnership brings interconnected care to Colchester

The partnership between Medbelle and Physio 3.0 means physiotherapy care in Colchester will become better connected, benefiting patients and clinicians.

New partnership brings ##interconnected care## to Colchester

Physiotherapy in Colchester will become simpler and better connected to other healthcare services, thanks to a partnership between digital hospital Medbelle and local practice Physio 3.0, based in the Colchester United stadium.

Physio 3.0 is conveniently based at the Colchester United Jobserve Community Stadium, placing them at the heart of the local community. The practice takes a similarly community-minded approach to physiotherapy, and its purpose is to help patients reconnect with their community in ways their injury or illness may be preventing.

This works best with a holistic approach involving different health specialists. Unfortunately, the private healthcare system can be highly fragmented, making such collaboration difficult. Many patients will be referred by GPs or surgeons or other clinical specialists, but without any centralised coordination, this can be a disjointed process in which patients are left to organise their own care.

Digital alternative

Medbelle’s digital hospital provides an alternative. Medbelle patients have a personal Patient Care Adviser who provides individual support throughout their entire healthcare journey, and who takes care of the logistical challenges involved in coordinating care from different specialists.

Medbelle’s technology provides patients with a more efficient healthcare journey, while also allowing clinicians to meaningfully connect. This means Physio 3.0’s clinical staff will be able to work more easily with other healthcare specialists to identify and provide the most appropriate treatment for patients.

Michael Barker

'Physio 3.0 can see the benefit of entering into this pioneering partnership with Medbelle for better care coordination for our patients. Improving how patients access and experience the services they need in the private sector is important to us and we know that this partnership can do just that!'

Michael Barker, Physio 3.0

Physiotherapists play a vital role in the healthcare journey of many patients, either providing an alternative to surgery or helping with pre- and post-surgical rehab. Despite this, a lack of transparency across the entire care pathway can prevent them from finding out about the longer-term effectiveness of certain treatments. They may also find that their patients are not referred back to them after surgery, denying patients consistency.

Medbelle provides the transparency and connectivity that is too often missing. By having sight of the entire care pathway, clinicians get a better understanding of the effectiveness of different treatments. For patients it means they have one point of contact from initial inquiry through to their aftercare, their Medbelle Patient Care Adviser.

sarah mcgee

‘We’re inspired by Physio 3.0’s patient-centric approach and trust that through our partnership, patients will receive the best care, specific to their needs and personal treatment pathway, from beginning to end.’

Sarah McGee, Primary Care Patnership Manager at Medbelle

Physiotherapists interested in joining the Medbelle network - with no cost or obligation - can contact or read more on our partnerships page.

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