Joining the Medbelle network as a physiotherapist

Joining the Medbelle network has no cost or obligations, and brings benefits to you and your patients

Joining the Medbelle network as a physiotherapist
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Email Sarah, our Primary Care Partnerships Manager @ to discuss how the Medbelle network can help you and your patients.

Physiotherapists are a vital component of the care pathway, but often that pathway is so fragmented it can make individual professionals feel like they are isolated instead of part of a multidisciplinary team. Referring patients can be time-consuming and filled with administrative headaches, and there's no guarantee that patients will be referred back if they need more physiotherapy at a later date.
Medbelle's mission is to fix that.

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About Medbelle

Medbelle provides simpler, smarter, more personal healthcare for everybody. We believe that all patients deserve better. We optimise personalised one to one care and work only with highly qualified and experienced professionals. In addition, we have built and developed technology that allows us to monitor and review the patient experience and in turn, make changes to remove any stresses and outdated, lengthy processes. We always ensure the highest level of quality for all patients.

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Medbelle makes referrals simple

Joining the Medbelle network is free and comes with no obligations.

Medbelle is improving access to the best quality healthcare by connecting clinicians along the entire care pathway. This has benefits for patients, who are provided with consistent, individual support, but it also helps physiotherapists. An efficient and modern operating system makes managing and referring patients simple, and transparency across the pathway makes it easier to track patient outcomes. Best of all, when you refer a patient using Medbelle, that patient will be referred back to you if they need further physiotherapy after, or instead of, surgery. Patients get consistency of care, and physiotherapists and surgeons can refer patients with confidence and ease.

Not yet a Medbelle partner? You can email our partnerships team to discuss joining the network, and in the meantime you can still refer your patients to Medbelle surgeons, or refer your surgical colleagues to us so they can enjoy the benefits to their practice.

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What is the Medbelle referral pathway?

Medbelle’s Referral Pathway allows physios to easily refer patients, while also providing transparency about the entire care pathway. After referral, rather than losing the patient in the system, physios can have their patient referred back for post-surgical care or non-invasive treatments. Patients get consistency and support, while physios are able to enhance their care and professional networks.

And if you are part of the network, but your preferred surgeons are not (or not yet), that doesn't matter either. You can use Medbelle's referral pathway to refer your patients to any preferred surgical consultant.

The referral pathway is part of Medbelle’s mission to bring together the entire care pathway and centre it around the patient. It also reflects Medbelle’s drive to use data to improve care, with transparency across the pathway aiding this.

In fact, physiotherapists are rewarded for recording patient outcomes, and these will help move the sector towards value-based care. More immediately, physios can find out what happens to the patients they refer to a surgeon within the Medbelle network, giving vital insights into effective treatments.

Medbelle is rebuilding healthcare so that clinicians are better connected. Join our network and be part of the healthcare revolution. Email our partnership team today.

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