Virtual Consultations

Amid the challenges presented to us by coronavirus, we are happy to provide video consultations to our patients.

Virtual Consultations

Medbelle prides itself on being at the forefront of digital healthcare, and for us, video consultations are an essential part of our goal of making healthcare more accessible for everyone.

Video Consultations with the Surgeon

Amid the challenges presented to us by coronavirus, we are happy to provide our patients with video consultations. Remote consultations via video call allow patients to access personalised information and advice about cosmetic and orthopaedic surgery from our top UK surgeons whilst at home. Video calls also provide much more scheduling flexibility for both the surgeon and patient by removing any need to commute.

All video calls are directly with the surgeon, secure and encrypted and remain confidential between you and the specialist. You'll have the opportunity to ask all your questions, discuss your chosen treatment and the next steps. Just like face-to-face consultations, there is no obligation for patients to move forward with their procedure.

Your Patient Care Adviser will help you prepare for the virtual consultation and make sure you have the necessary devices and that you feel comfortable in attending the video call.

Stop the Spread

As a healthcare provider, we want to encourage everyone to stay safe and do what is best for public health in this trying time. We advise everyone to practise social distancing and follow the instructions of Public Health England to stay at home as much as possible. By limiting travel and physical contact with others we can all work to flatten the curve and protect our healthcare systems.

Read our coronavirus guidelines to find out other ways you can help to stop the spread of this disease. If you have any questions regarding virtual consultations, reach out to your Patient Care Adviser, write to us at or call on 020 3411 9171.

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