Do I have to remove my nail, eyelash or permanent hair extensions before my breast reduction surgery?

Always ask your surgeon or their nursing staff for their recommendations regarding pre-op grooming.

Generally, hair extensions do not need to be removed for breast reduction surgery.

Eyelash extensions are also usually not a problem during breast reduction surgery, but your surgeon and anaesthetist have the final say. Definitely ask them during your consultation or preoperative assessment to find out if they must be removed before surgery.

If you have gel or acrylic nail extensions, you may need to remove the product from one nail to allow a pulse oximeter over your finger. This small device slides over your fingertip and painlessly measures your pulse as well as the oxygen level of your blood during surgery by measuring how light travels through your finger.

This device is very important for anaesthetist as they monitor you during surgery. Any product on the natural nail (including gel, acrylic, or nail polish) can get in the way of accurate readings.

However, some pulse monitors can also be fitted to the earlobe, so it is always best to find out the type of monitors the hospital uses during surgery.

Reach out to your Medbelle Patient Care Adviser if you want clarification on your surgeon’s recommendation regarding hair and nail extensions before surgery.

Published: October 28th, 2020