Should I be concerned about having PIP implants?

It is understandable to be worried if you have PIP implants. These were the implants that were made in France with an unapproved silicone gel which made the implants more prone to leakage and rupture. If you know that you have these implants we would advise you to speak to the clinic where you had the breast implant surgery done and to seek advice from your GP. You can also read more about PIP Implants on the Medbelle Blog

Although the implants are more prone to rupture they have not been found to be damaging to general health. Therefore, replacing the PIP implants is often a personal choice made alongside a healthcare professional. If you do choose to keep the implants you should make yourself aware of the symptoms of a rupture. Equally, it is advised that you have an annual check-up with a doctor to ensure you are not suffering from any complications.

Published: November 9th, 2020