Breast Implant Replacement (Revision) Surgery Cost & Guide

Breast Implant Replacement (Revision) Surgery Cost & Guide

Breast implant replacement is a type of breast implant revision surgery that involves removing breast implants and replacing them with a new set. This procedure may be done to correct complications and is commonly combined with other procedures, including capsulectomy and mastopexy (otherwise known as a breast lift or breast uplift). Implants can also be replaced to change the size or shape of the breasts if preferences change.


Procedure time

1-4 hours

Overnight stay

0-2 nights


General anaesthetic or local anaesthetic

Recovery time

6-12 months

Surgery Goals
Breast Implant Replacement Surgery Cost
The Procedure
Combination Procedures
Risks & Complications
Post-Surgery & Aftercare

Procedure Locations


It is important that patients ask their surgeon any and all questions they have about the breast implant replacement procedure. Common breast implant replacement FAQs include the following:

Will an implant replacement procedure treat drooping breasts?
What are the breast implant replacement complications I should be aware of?
What can I do to reduce the risk of breast implant replacement complications?
What are the general surgical risks and breast implant removal complications?
What are the specific breast implant replacement surgery risks and complications?
Should I be concerned about having PIP implants?
Is there a certain amount of time that I have to wait before having my breast implants replaced?

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