Connecting the Dots Between Primary & Secondary Care

By integrating primary and secondary care we can elevate patient-centric experiences together

Connecting the Dots Between Primary & Secondary Care

Written by Chloe Gale

Medical Review by Head of UK Relations, Mr. Simon Harby

Published: Thursday 14 December 2023

We’re proud to be launching an exciting new initiative aimed at integrating our private secondary care services with GPs. Basically, we want to become an extension of the personal care provided by GPs by becoming their preferred referral for private patients.

About Medbelle

We’re one of the UK's leading private secondary care providers, with a strong NPS of 89 and Trustpilot reviews of 96%, scoring excellent!

Our vision is to make secondary healthcare simpler, smarter and more personal through innovative technology and outstanding one-to-one patient care. Currently, we operate successfully within orthopaedics, cosmetics and general nationwide. We are partnered with several digital GP metaservices, such as MyGP, and are currently launching partnerships in ophthalmology. We're also proud of our physiotherapy partnerships with Bodyset and TotalPhysiotherapy, Physio First.

How can GPs benefit by building a trusted partnership with Medbelle?

  1. Extend patient-centric care beyond you.
    Patients value the personal connection and care they receive from their GPs. We want to be an extension of that by ensuring secondary care is a personal, patient-centric experience as well.
  2. Ensure your patients receive the right treatment at the right time
    Not only do we provide high-quality surgical treatment options with fast timelines, but we are advocates of MSK services and can support your private patients with diagnostic triage as well as physiotherapy options and resources.
  3. Expand your network and contribute to your annual CPD
    Medbelle hosts regular educational events and seminars covering topics relevant to the management of your patients. This is a great opportunity for our partners to connect and learn from one another.
  4. Become part of your patients' secondary journey.
    We believe in end-to-end solutions, and for us, that means that patient clinical pathways should always begin and end with the GP. Medbelle wants to incorporate GPs into their patients’ aftercare process.
  5. Become part of the health-tech revolution!
    Our software is what sets us apart from the rest. Medbelle is leading the way with innovative technology that will improve the management and experience of pathways for everyone.

We are very interested in connecting with leading GPs who can help us shape the future of a fully integrated and seamless private patient journey.

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