Medbelle's Engineering & Product Team

The digitalisation of healthcare is an important step in improving the standard of the patient experience. Learn more about the team behind the technology at Medbelle.

Medbelle's Engineering & Product Team

The Engineering and Product Team are a core part of Medbelle's mission to bring healthcare into the 21st century. The department is made up of a group of leading experts in tech, user experiences and product design. Together, they build technology that streamlines how the consultants work within their practice. The Medbelle OS is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows surgeons and clinicians to access everything they need for the patient's journey in one place securely.

They have also built technology that enables the Patient Care Team to provide outstanding service whilst ensuring all patient details remain confidential. By listening to the needs of all our users, the team are able to respond and build the tools they require to provide the best possible experience for all patients.

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