Breast Enlargement in Swansea

Breast Enlargement in Swansea


Overnight stay

0-1 Night


Local with Sedation or General

Recovery time

2-9 Months

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You don't have to live with breasts that you are unhappy with. Whether because of their small size, asymmetry, or something else, breast enlargement surgery can help. There are now several safe, effective options for you to get the results you've always wanted. Also called a boob job, breast enlargement surgery in London by a Medbelle expert surgeon can provide your breasts with a more attractive, youthful shape. Since the results of this kind of surgery depend so heavily on surgeon skill, trust a BAAPS/BAPRAS member surgeon from Medbelle and start living your best life today.

Why Choose Medbelle for your Breast Enlargement in Wales?

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If you’re thinking about getting a breast enlargement, colloquially known as a “boob job,” in Swansea, you can trust Medbelle surgeons to walk you through the process from your first consultation to your recovery. Our surgeons are some of the best and most highly regarded in their field, each trained for excellence and passionate about providing 100% patient satisfaction. They understand that no cosmetic procedure is undertaken lightly. But you can rest assured that should you opt for breast enlargement in Swansea, your procedure will be carried out with the utmost convenience and care – all in state of the art facilities.

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Medbelle Locations for Swansea Breast Enlargement

Our Swansea location features state-of-the-art equipment and on-site services that are easily accessible. Dedicated staff are always on hand to ensure that your healing and recovery process goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible. Innovation, patient-centred care, and a commitment to quality mean that Medbelle’s facilities are naturally geared towards your comfort and safety. From the very first appointment to the weeks post-surgery, Medbelle is there to ensure exceptional results for your breast enlargement procedure.

Featured Medbelle Location in Swansea

Sancta Maria Hospital is consistently ranked as one of the most prestigious facilities in South West Wales. With first-class private rooms, attentive staff, and surgeons renowned for their expertise, you’re assured of a procedure that is both comfortable and affordable.

Your Breast Enlargement Procedure in Swansea


Your breast enlargement in Swansea will change the shape and size of your bust. Though some methods rely on fat transplanted from other areas of the body or lifting the breast tissue, breast enlargement with an implant is the most common method to increase the size and perfect the shape of the breasts. Breast enlargement with implants effectively creates more fullness and increases the overall size.

While under local anaesthesia with sedation, or general anaesthesia, your surgeon will make strategic incisions, either in the armpit, around the areola (the dark area surrounding the nipple) or at the lower breast fold. An implant can then be inserted, either over the chest muscles (submammary implant), under the chest muscles (subpectoral implants), or a combination of both (“dual plane” procedure). The incisions necessary to insert breast implants are generally very small. Your BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon will also take great care in the techniques they use to give you the best chance to have the smallest and finest scars possible.

The shape and type of implant your surgeon uses can change the look and feel of your breasts after healing. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a round (providing more overall volume) or teardrop implants (adds more volume on the lower breast and generally provides a more natural-looking).

Saline implants are silicone shells filled with a saltwater solution. They are filled after the shell is implanted, so saline implants require a very small incision and leave a very small scar. However, they are the least popular type of implant because they do not feel natural and are more prone to complications like capsule contracture, rippling, and rupture. Silicone gel implants look and feel more natural than saline implants because they’re firmer. They are implanted at their full size so require a slightly larger incision.

Lastly, highly cohesive silicone gel implants provide the most natural result of all and are least likely to rupture. You will not be able to drive or reach above your head for the first one or two weeks after your breast enlargement as the muscles in your chest and arms heal.

Recovery should last approximately 6 weeks after your procedure. It may take up to 6 months for the full aesthetic results of your breast enlargement to be visible as the implants settle into your breasts and take on a more natural shape.

Breast Enlargement in Swansea: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions or concerns about your breast enlargement procedure in Swansea? Start with these frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answers here, meet with your Medbelle surgeon for an informative (and free) consultation.

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How long after pregnancy or breastfeeding can I have a breast enlargement?

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