Carpal Tunnel Surgery in London

Carpal Tunnel Surgery in London


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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Treatment Guide

Learn everything about carpal tunnel surgery in our extensive treatment guide; including the benefits of surgery, surgical techniques, risks and complications, and information on aftercare and recovery. Trust Medbelle to provide medically backed information reviewed by world-class surgeons.


Medbelle Clinics in London

London Orthopaedics | Kingston-Upon-Thames

Medbelle Orthopaedics | Kingston-upon-Thames is situated in New Victoria Hospital, which has served West London for over six decades and is one of the highest-rated private hospitals in the country. The clinic offers unmatched efficiency and flexibility with a wide range of multi-speciality surgery.

It has been rated "Excellent" by patient feedback surveys thanks to its exceptional cleanliness standards and high-quality facilities.

The clinic is well located, just off the A3 and within a few minutes drive or taxi from Kingston upon Thames & Raynes Park stations. During their stay, patients can enjoy free parking and pleasant surroundings, with scenic Richmond Park just a three-minute drive away.

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Carpal tunnel surgery aims to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome