Your partner for private orthopaedic referrals

Your partner for private orthopaedic referrals

Working with Medbelle

Extend patient-centric care beyond you

Patients value the personal connection and care they receive from their GPs. We want to be an extension of that by making secondary care a personal, patient-centric experience as well.

Expand your network and contribute to your CPD

Medbelle hosts regular educational events and seminars covering topics relevant to the management of your patients. This is a great opportunity for our partners to connect and learn from one another.

Become part of the health-tech revolution

Our software is what sets us apart from the rest. Medbelle is leading the way with innovative technology that will improve the management and experience of pathways for everyone.

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Patients love us because we provide unparalleled one-to-one care

✔ With one point of contact for each patient, we can build trusted relationships

✔ We support our patients throughout their entire journey up to 6 weeks post-operatively

✔ We provide extensive procedure information, local surgeon options and guidance on next best steps

✔ We organise patient appointments & ensure they have the right information at the right time


With Medbelle, your patients are in the best of hands

✔ Our surgeons are highly-experienced, UK-registered consultant

✔ Our surgeons are highly-experienced, UK-registered consultants)

✔ We are clinically robust, tracking and acting on outcomes: PROMs, patient feedback & NPS scores

✔ We provide consultant profiles so you can get to know our surgeons for yourself


Our innovative technology sets us apart from the rest

✔ We streamline communication between all parties on a secure, centralised platform

✔ We create efficiencies with smart automation and robust pathway management

✔ We provide seamless online appointment booking and journey overview at any point

✔ We offer instant access to comprehensive educational content & videos

Some of our surgeons

We are looking for leading GPs to join our network

We would love to hear from you.