Sex after Surgery: Breast Reduction

Post-op care and restrictions are important to your recovery, but just when can you have sex after breast reduction surgery?

Sex after Surgery: Breast Reduction

Written by Medical Quality Manager, Clare , BN (Hons)

Medical Review by Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Lizzie Tuckey , MBBS, BA

Published: Monday, 15 August 2022

Preparing yourself for breast reduction surgery includes working out physical restrictions post-op. Many patients are keen to know when they can get back to work, resume driving and when it's safe to have sex. Here are some guidelines as to when patients can resume having sex after breast reduction surgery.

When can I have sex after breast reduction surgery?

Its recommended you wait at least three weeks before having sex after breast reduction surgery. Just in the same way you need to refrain from sports and exercise, you need to avoid any aerobic activities including sex as these could cause swelling to the chest. When you do approach having sex after your breast reduction surgery do so carefully and slowly. All patients heal at different rates, if you're feeling tender or tired, don't push your body until you're feeling up to it.

Your surgeon will be able to give recommendations during your consultation in terms of resuming sexual activities after breast reduction surgery. Don't be afraid to ask anything, they've heard it all before.

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What risks are there to having sex after breast reduction surgery?

It’s important to wait until your breasts have healed enough before you engage in intimate activities. The two biggest concerns with breast reduction surgery are wound disruption and bleeding, physical engagement, excessive "jiggling" or pressure placed on the healing breasts could lead to one of these complications occurring.

You will have regular follow-ups with your surgeon and a nurse, so don't be scared to ask about moving forward with sex after breast reduction surgery. Your personal Patient Care Adviser is also on hand too to answer any questions you may have.

Be sure to note these are all generalised guidelines and you should always follow the recommendations of your surgeon who will have a personalised post-op plan for you.

Here at Medbelle, we're here to support you throughout your treatment journey and we ask you to be honest with us and not feel embarrassed talking about any aspect of your breast reduction surgery. If it's important to you, it's important to us.

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