Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost & Procedure Guide


Procedure time

1-3 hours

Overnight stay

0-2 nights


General anaesthetic or local anaesthetic with sedation.

Recovery time

6-12 months

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure that removes existing breast implants from a patient's breasts. Replacement implants are not put back in. This procedure is often combined with a breast lift to provide the patient with an aesthetically pleasing, firm and perky result even without the implants.

Breast Implant Surgery Overview

Breast implant removal, also known as breast explant surgery, is a surgical procedure that removes existing breast implants from a patient’s breast. If patients have breast implants and, for whatever reason, wish to have them removed, this may be the appropriate surgery for them.

Why have Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

Aesthetic reasons

The aesthetics of the breast can change due to weight changes, pregnancy, or simply over time. If patients are no longer content with the way their breasts look, breast implant removal procedures can:

  • Decrease or increase the size of the breasts
  • Improve any asymmetry
  • Improve the shape of the breasts

Aged Implants

Breast implants are designed to be long-lasting and safe. The surgeon will examine the patient's breasts during the consultation and, if they recommend a revision, patients can choose to have the implants replaced or removed altogether.

Capsular Contracture

When breast implants are put in, breast tissue forms a collagen-fibre ‘capsule’ around the implant: a normal part of the healing process. The capsule may tighten. This can cause a change in shape or can lead to discomfort. Breast implant removal surgery is one way to restore the desired size and shape.

PIP Scandal

Patients may wish to have breast explant surgery due to health concerns. This may be the case for those who have received PIP Implants. PIP implants contain an unapproved silicone gel and carry a higher risk of rupture. If anyone has PIP implants, they may consider discussing the matter with their GP.

Other factors

  • Lateralisation
  • Double-bubble
  • Gravity effect
  • Implant rupture

If patients have implants and are in any discomfort, they should seek medical advice from their GP. Symptoms that may indicate a problem with the implants include swelling or a lump around the breast; a change in the shape of the breast; redness, pain, or a burning sensation.

Implant Removal or Replacement?

Simply put, every situation is different. There is no specific expiry date on breast implants but if they were put in many years ago patients may consider removing or replacing them. There are some cases where complications can occur and revision is necessary or advisable and, of course, there is always the possibility that patients might wish to have this procedure due to aesthetic reasons.

It helps to be informed on the benefits of the procedure, the risks or alternatives to surgery, the ways to prepare and how to ensure a strong recovery. Patients should also think carefully about how they want their breasts to look after the procedure.

How Much Does Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost?

Breast implant surgery in the UK varies from £4000 up to £7000. A patient's personalised price for breast implant removal surgery will depend on various factor such as:

  • The need for additional procedures such as uplift or a capsulectomy
  • Specialist cases that require additional care
  • Choice of surgeon
  • Choice of hospital

Following consultation, patients shall receive their bespoke price for the breast implant removal surgery, that figure will be transparent and absolute.

Indeed, after the free, no-obligation consultation with a surgeon, patients shall receive a full procedure plan and price. Should they wish to proceed, this breast implant removal surgery price will be inclusive of all:

  • Hospital fees including overnight stays
  • Surgeon's expertise
  • Anesthestist's experience
  • Postoperative appointments
  • Any necessary medications prescribed

The Breast Implant Surgery Procedure


Before breast explant surgery, the surgeon needs to get consent to carry out the procedure. It is important to ensure that all patients are fully aware of the risks and benefits of the operation, the surgeon will explain these but patients should ask and resolve any questions they may have before signing the consent form.


Before having an implant removal procedure, patients will meet with an anaesthetist. Most breast implant removal procedures will be done under a general anaesthetic, which involves placing the patient into a dreamless sleep with medication. The anaesthetist will ask questions about the patient's health and medical history, prior experience of general anaesthetic, and any allergies.

The Procedure

  1. The surgeon will make incisions in the same place where the incisions were made in the previous procedure.
  2. Then the tissue will be divided to reach the implants.
  3. The surgeon will need to make incisions in the capsule. The capsule is a fibrous layer of scar tissue that forms around implants. This capsule formation is a normal process that occurs with breast implants.
  4. Once the implants are reached and identified, they are then removed from the breast along with the capsules.
  5. The skin is then brought together and sutured closed.

What are the Limitations of a Breast Implant Removal Procedure?

Excess Skin in the cleavage area

Breasts can naturally droop as a result of ageing as the skin begins to sag. Breast implant removal surgery will not fix this problem. If patients are experiencing this they may wish to consider having a breast uplift to reshape the breasts

Nipple changes

Breast implant removal surgery will not treat any issues in the nipple-areola complex. If patients are looking to alter the size or shape of the nipples or areola, the surgeon may suggest a nipple reduction or nipple correction surgery instead.

Can Breast Implant Removal Surgery be Combined with Other Surgical Procedures?

Yes, this procedure may be done in combination with other surgical procedures, including capsulectomy and mastopexy, also known as a breast uplift. It can also be a part of a series of personalised procedures called a Mummy Makeover.

Breast Implant Removal FAQs

It is important that patients ask their surgeon any and all questions they have about the breast implant removal procedure. Common breast implant removal FAQs include the following:

Breast Implant Removal Surgery FAQs

Breast Implants FAQs

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