Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost & Procedure Guide

Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost & Procedure Guide

Written by Medical Quality Officer, David Jones , MPharm

Medical Review by Chief Commercial Officer, Dr. Lizzie Tuckey , MBBS, BA

Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure that removes existing breast implants from a patient's breasts. Replacement implants are not put back in. This procedure is often combined with a breast lift to provide the patient with an aesthetically pleasing, firm and perky result even without the implants.


Procedure time

1 - 3 hours

Overnight stay

0 - 1 night


General anaesthetic

Recovery time

6 -12 months

Please note that we do not offer cosmetic surgery services. The information provided on this page is intended as a general guide for patients. For personalised advice and treatment options, please consult with a qualified healthcare professional.

Surgery Goals
Breast Implant Removal Surgery Cost
The Procedure
Preparing for Surgery
Risks & Complications
Preparation for Surgery
Recovery Timeline

Procedure Locations


It is important that patients ask their surgeon any and all questions they have about the breast implant removal procedure. Common breast implant removal FAQs include the following:

How long should I wait before having a breast implant removal procedure?
Is the incision site from my breast implant reused for my implant removal?
What is a Pre-op appointment
Will a breast implant removal procedure cause more scarring?
Can anything potentially increase my risk of breast implant removal complications?
What are the general surgical risks and breast implant removal complications?
What are the specific breast implant removal surgery risks and complications?


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