Breast Implant Replacement Surgery in Birmingham

Breast Implant Replacement Surgery in Birmingham


Overnight stay

0-2 nights


General anaesthetic or local anaesthetic

Recovery time

6-12 months

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Breast Implant Replacement Treatment Guide

Learn everything about breast implant replacement in our extensive treatment guide; including the benefits of surgery, surgical techniques, risks and complications, and information on aftercare and recovery. Trust Medbelle to provide medically backed information reviewed by world-class surgeons.


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Breast Implant Replacement FAQs

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Can I breastfeed if I have breast implants?
Should I be concerned about having PIP implants?
Are there any reasons I would not be able to get breast implants?
Will my implants have to be replaced if I'm unhappy with the shape?
Is there a certain amount of time that I have to wait before having my breast implants replaced?

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