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London Sports Orthopaedics

Who are London Sports Orthopaedics?

London Sports Orthopaedics is a partnership group of Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and Sport & Exercise Medicine Doctors specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal disorders, including sports injuries, fractures, and arthritis. All of the Consultants are experienced clinicians who are leaders in their respective fields and who have been trained around the world at globally established schools. They actively work together to achieve excellent patient outcomes using the latest approved treatments available.

Their core value is to achieve clinical excellence through a high-quality multidisciplinary team-based approach that brings together surgeons and other healthcare professionals highly specialised in various procedures, techniques and conditions. Their range of expertise allows them to work alongside each other to ensure the patient is receiving the best-suited care for their personal case. Together they create a friendly and accessible unit that strives for an efficient, caring and patient-centred approach.

Located in the heart of the capital, they offer great facilities and access to the best clinics and hospitals in the city.

Our relationship and the Medbelle Care Programme

Medbelle and London Sports Orthopaedics are working together to provide the best possible patient experience. We share the same belief that the patient should be central to all the decisions and processes made regarding their health, and with the help of digitalisation and ongoing support and clarity, the patient’s journey can be simplified and built around the patient’s individual needs. This collaboration means all self-pay London Sports Orthopaedic patients receive access to the Medbelle Care Programme:

The Medbelle Care Programme provides London Sports Orthopaedic patients with:

Simplified, more transparent and more efficient payment processes:

  • patients will be provided with all-inclusive pricing that covers hospital fees, the surgical fee and the anaesthetic fee altogether, and they will be able to pay this as one single sum (rather than the patient needing to pay each of these individually to each party)
  • an easy-to-use portal that allows patients to pay for their treatment in just a few easy steps

Access to the Medbelle Digital Patient Portal, where patients can:

  • browse helpful information related to their condition and procedure
  • pay for their treatment and view the payment history
  • track their health improvement via the Medbelle PROMs (Patient Reported Outcomes Measures) system,
  • provide feedback on the service that they are receiving

Free one-year membership to a private GP which provides:

  • Access to virtual consultations with a private GP up to five times within the one-year period of membership
  • Free access to a Medbelle Patient Care Adviser for support with any issues or queries that they may have during the period of membership.

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