Breast Reduction in London


Procedure time

1.5 to 3 Hours


Overnight stay

1to 2 Nights





Recovery time

6 to 12 Months

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If you are suffering from neck and backache, struggle to find clothing that fits well, or if you feel embarrassment or discomfort because of your large breasts, you may be a perfect candidate for breast reduction surgery with Medbelle. Reducing the size of your breasts can offer many benefits, and is a procedure we are pleased to be able to offer you here at Medbelle. A breast size more suited to your body shape ensures you are able to live a much more comfortable and confident life free from pain.

Choose Medbelle for Your Breast Reduction in London

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Medbelle Surgeons
If you are considering having a breast reduction in London, we know that finding quality and expertise is your top priority. At Medbelle, all of our surgeons are highly experienced in the particular area of concern they deal with. The frustrations and discomfort that led you to consider breast reduction surgery in the first place are valid and our BAAPS/BAPRAS member surgeons here to help. Plus, with our simple and affordable finance options to suit you, getting a breast reduction in London couldn’t be more straightforward.

Our Breast Reduction surgeons in London

Walid Sabbagh

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  • Walid Sabbagh qualified from the University of Aberdeen in 1992 and became a fellow of the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in 1996
  • After completing training in Plastic Surgery at the most renowned units in London (2002), he was awarded FRCS(Plast) and admitted to the GMC specialist register

"- Qualified from the University of Aberdeen in 1992 and became a fellow of the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in 1996 - Awarded FRCS(Plast) and admitted to the GMC specialist register"

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Edmund Fitzgerald

star star star star star
  • Was the 1st in National Selection out of 276 candidates for Plastic Surgery Training
  • Has published over 30 peer-reviewed publications and volunteers for BFIRST charity providing trauma and burn reconstruction work and training in less economically developed countries

"Throughout his career he has written, published and presented over 30 research papers relating to leading cosmetic, reconstructive, and hand surgery techniques."

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Ahid Abood

star star star star star
  • Completed a senior microsurgical fellowship at St Andrews Centre, Broomfield
  • Appointed as cosmetic fellow by Nagor at the McIndoe Centre Hospital, East Grinstead

"He is the Clinical Lead for Major Trauma at Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge."

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Adam Topping

star star star star star_half
  • Active teacher of future plastic surgeons due to his extensive career as a consultant
  • Published extensively in the field of plastic surgery with numerous TV appearances

"Adam has appeared twice in Channel 4 programme ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ where he performed breast reduction surgery."

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Samer Saour

star star star star star_border
  • Mr. Samer Saour is a highly-committed cosmetic surgeon having completed the prestigious London Pan Thames Plastic Surgery training program and a number of highly renowned fellowships in London and Brussels
  • He is an author of a number of book chapters and has published and continues to publish extensively within the field of Plastic Surgery and has presented his work both nationally and internationally at plastic surgery meetings around the world

"Mr. Samer Saour completed the prestigious London Pan Thames Plastic Surgery training program and a number of highly renowned fellowships in London and Brussels"

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Richard Baker

star star star star star
  • Expert in the minimisation of scarring when treating patients
  • Published 16+ research papers in highly-regarded medical journals

"Richard Baker is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in hand and wrist surgery, correction of abnormalities in children and cosmetic surgery."

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Rana Das-Gupta

star star star star star
  • Holds positions on multiple plastic surgery training committees and sits on the GMC appeal panel
  • Has held training positions at many of the famous plastic surgery units in London

"He has appeared frequently in the media as a plastic surgery expert, including: GMTV, London Tonight, The Gloria Hunniford Show, The Mail on Sunday and many others."

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Foiz Ahmed

star star star star star
  • Innovative surgeon with a Masters in Surgical Technology, utilising the most advanced techniques and equipment
  • Has attended international training programmes in order to be able to offer expertise in a range of cutting edge plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments

"He has attended international training programmes in order to be able to offer expertise in a range of cutting edge plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments."

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Tania Cubison

star star star star star
  • Received the McGregor Gold Medal in her FRCS(Plast) exam among other prestigious awards
  • Appeared on National TV as part of BBC's "NHS in a Day" for Burns and Amputee care

"Miss Tania Cubison is one of a very small number of female plastic surgeons in the South East of England."

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Medbelle Locations in London
Wherever you are based in London, our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team have a number of locations to suit you. At all stages of your breast reduction treatment, our team will be on hand to help and reassure you. This includes the initial consultation where you are likely to have a lot of questions, right through to your surgery and all-important aftercare appointments.
Your care and comfort are at the forefront of what we do here at Medbelle so you can feel assured your breast reduction surgery is in safe hands. After all, we understand that breast reduction surgery is not undertaken lightly, and is something that you have considered for quite some time. Our teams across London are ready to help you discover the relief this surgery can bring, as it has done for many of our very satisfied patients.

Featured Medbelle Locations in London
The Cadogan Clinic is based in the heart of Chelsea and offers state-of-the-art, World-class treatment and facilities. It was awarded ‘Best Private Hospital’ for 2019, gaining an additional award for ‘Leading providers of plastic surgery’, by the prestigious Health & Pharmaceutical awards.
The London Welbeck Hospital has been providing quality and excellence to its central London patients since it was first established over 90 years ago. Here you will find a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, carried out by UK trained and accredited staff.
One Hatfield Hospital offers you a taste of luxury across its surgical and recovery facilities. It has been designed with the customer in mind and aims to change perceptions by moving well away from the typical hospital environment. It is conveniently located close to the M25 and A1M motorways.

Your London Breast Reduction


Breasts which are excessively large can cause a range of problems, including chronic neck and back pain. Large breasts can also limit the clothing you are able to wear, cause discomfort, and even embarrassment. You may also find your breasts sag due to their heavy weight, or struggle to find a comfortable bra that provides lift and support.
Therefore, breast reduction surgery can offer a great deal of relief to those who have large breasts. In addition to reducing and reshaping your breasts, you will also find your breasts may flatter your body shape better after your breast reduction in London.

During breast reduction surgery, your surgeon can use a variety of different incision techniques and tissue removal techniques to get you the results you want.

A donut, also called a circumareolar incision, follows around the areola and is useful for very small reductions.

A vertical, or lollipop, incision follows around the areola then extends down to the crease of the breast. This incision type is best suited for more dramatic reductions.

Lastly, an anchor or inverted-T incision follows around the nipple, down to the crease of the breast, then along this crease. This technique allows for the largest amount of tissue to be removed of any technique and is well suited for dramatic breast reductions.

Tissue can also be removed from the top or bottom parts of the breast. Your surgeon will discuss all these options with you during your consultation.

Depending on the type of technique your surgeon uses and the type of work you do, you may need anywhere from two days to two weeks away from work to heal.

The full aesthetic results of your London breast reduction will be visible at between 6 to 8 months after surgery.

London Breast Reduction: Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about having breast reduction surgery in London? We know you probably have a lot of questions, and that’s okay! Here we will answer some of your top questions below.

  • What should I look out for when choosing a breast reduction surgeon?


    You should always choose a surgeon who is either BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) or BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons) accredited. This is why it is a great idea to book through Medbelle, because every one of our expert surgeons is UK trained, a full BAAPS/BAPRAS member, with at least 10 years experience as a certified plastic surgeon.
    Researching the clinic itself and any customer feedback are also important criteria. All these, plus real patient testimonials, you will find these on our website and review pages.

  • How long will it take me to recover from breast reduction surgery?


    After your operation, you should expect to spend 1-2 nights in hospital. You may need to take up to two weeks off work. However, if your job requires any physical exertion you should expect this time to be much longer depending on the nature of your job.
    It can take 6 weeks to be able to exercise or lift heavy items again, so you will need to factor this in prior to booking surgery as your body will need significant time to heal. You will also not be able to drive for between 5 days and 2 weeks post-surgery, so you will need someone to drive you home from the hospital.

  • Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?


    Many can breastfeed after surgery assuming they could before their breast reduction, but as the process of breast reduction surgery involves removing some milk glands, your ability may be reduced.

    In addition, depending on the surgical technique used to reduce the size of your breasts, this may remove more or less tissue that is needed to be able to breastfeed.

    Therefore if you are planning on breastfeeding post-surgery, this is something you should discuss with your surgeon during your consultation phase.

Our London Hospitals

The London Welbeck Hospital

I am very pleased with the treatment at LWH; this put me at ease for the procedure and set me up for a good recovery.All medical staff has been very accommodating and caring. Thank you.

One Hatfield Hospital

The only way to describe the experience with One Hatfield was amazing. I would recommend this hospital and I would definitely return if I wanted to undergo any other procedures

Highgate Private Hospital

The Highgate hospital where I had my procedure is lovely. The staff are friendly and really look after you.

Cadogan Clinic

All the staff at the Cadogan Clinic were lovely and took very good care of me. I have felt in safe hands every step of the way and highly recommend to anyone.


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