Rhinoplasty in London


Procedure time

1.5 to 3 Hours


Overnight stay

1-2 Nights



Local with Sedation or General


Recovery time

6-12 Months

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Though a relatively small area, the size and shape of your nose can significantly affect the overall balance and appearance of your face and seriously impact your self-confidence if you're unhappy with how it looks. If you dislike the size or shape of your nose, rhinoplasty can alter your nose to provide your face with a more harmonious, attractive appearance. An extremely common procedure, rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, in London can give wonderful results if performed by skilled surgeons like the BAAPS/BAPRAS expert surgeons that work at Medbelle. Where skill is concerned, Medbell surgeons offer you the greatest peace of mind and the best chance you'll get results you’ll love.

Choose Medbelle for Your Rhinoplasty in London

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Medbelle Surgeons in London

Each and every expert Medbelle surgeon is a BAAPS/BAPRAS member who can offer you the very best in rhinoplasty surgery in London. No matter which surgeon you choose to work with, you can be assured not only of their medical credentials but also that they’ll be using the safest, most up-to-date techniques in rhinoplasty in London today. If you’re considering having rhinoplasty, Medbelle surgeons can ensure you’re getting a safe, high-quality procedure that is competitively priced.

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Medbelle Locations in London

From your initial consultation to the day of surgery and beyond, Medbelle staff understand precisely what you need through every step of your rhinoplasty in London. Our central London locations are beautifully equipped to support your procedure, so you can recover in comfort. In the busy city bustle, Medbelle staff have gone the extra mile to create peaceful clinics where your care and well-being are their highest priority.

Featured Medbelle Locations in London

One Hatfield Hospital is new and bursting with the latest facilities and an impressive range of services and procedures on offer. Design and technology work in tandem to bring patients a high-end, world-class experience.

The London Wellbeck Hospital has been providing trusted, quality care to patients for almost a century. Nestled in London’s medical district, some of London’s most respected surgeons work here to bring patients their trademark standard of care.

The Cadogen Clinic is a private Chelsea location that prides itself on bespoke, personalised care for every patient that walks through their doors. You’re guaranteed treatment in a purpose-built facility by a specialist that’s a trusted expert in their field.

Your Rhinoplasty in London


Also called a nose job, your rhinoplasty in London will change the shape or size of your nose. This is a popular surgery and one with the potential to drastically improve appearance. You’ll be put under anaesthesia and the surgeon will make incisions for either a “closed” or “open” surgery. Open surgery entails cutting the section between the nostrils, whereas a closed nose job makes cuts along the inside of the nostrils only so there is no visible scar on the outside of the nose.

The surgeon may use tissue from another part of your body or else insert an implant to help shape the nose. There are several variations on rhinoplasty, and your surgeon will discuss them in detail with you to find what will work best for your nose. Rhinoplasty can be a reduction (making the nose smaller), an augmentation (increasing the size or profile), remodelling the tip, nostrils or bridge or changing the angle between the upper lip and nose.

After the procedure is complete, the incisions are closed, and dressings are applied to help hold your nose in its new position as it heals. It can take 6 to 12 months for the full results to settle.

Rhinoplasty in London: Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal to have questions about your nose job in London. This is why we have assembled this list of frequently asked questions to ensure you’re confident and informed throughout your experience with Medbelle.

  • How long does a nose job take?


    Depending on your exact needs and the complexity of the procedure, the surgery can take from 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. You’ll then need to stay overnight in a facility for a day or two to heal and recover.

  • Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?


    Your surgeon will discuss any possible limitations with you. Typically, skin with low elasticity can be a problem, especially if a large reduction is made. Also, expectations need to be kept realistic. There are some limits to how large or small a nose can be made in one procedure. Results may sometimes be a little different than expected, so it’s worth carefully discussing your desired look with your surgeon.

  • Can I wear glasses while I’m healing from a nose job?


    The area will naturally be very tender while healing. To avoid placing pressure on the bridge of the nose and interfering with your recovery, most surgeons recommend waiting at least six weeks before wearing glasses. In the meantime, opt for contact lenses if possible. Nose guards and specially designed tape are methods to keep glasses lifted up off the nose. Ask your surgeon about your options if you wear glasses.

  • Am I too young to get rhinoplasty?


    Rhinoplasty is most suitable for adults, or those whose noses have reached adult size. Though younger people can opt for surgery with a guardian’s permission, it’s wise to talk it through with a qualified surgeon who can manage expectations and help understand your motivations for the surgery.

  • Can I get my London rhinoplasty on the NHS?


    If your rhinoplasty is purely for cosmetic reasons, the NHS will not provide funding. However, rhinoplasty can also help a patient breathe more easily; if the procedure is intended to help with breathing difficulties, then it may be available on the NHS.

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