Breast Implant Removal Surgery: Preparation & Aftercare

At Medbelle, we understand that surgery can be a daunting prospect for many people. We ensure that every one of our patients receives the best possible aftercare for a breast implant removal procedure.

Our Patient Care Advisors will always be on hand to provide you with information about the procedure and you can also resolve any questions you may have with a Medbelle surgeon in your free consultation.

That said, we advise you to research breast implant removal surgery to find out how best to prepare for the procedure and how to ensure a good recovery.

Recovering from breast implant removal surgery

How long will it take to recover from breast implant removal surgery?

It can take various lengths of time to recover from breast implant removal surgery. It is important to allow your body the time to heal properly to ensure the best results. You will most likely stay in hospital for 1 night, some patients will go home on the day of surgery and some can spend 2 nights in hospital; both scenarios are normal and are nothing to worry about.

Your Medbelle surgeon will schedule a follow-up appointment to monitor your recovery around 2 weeks after your breast implant removal surgery. This is an opportunity to resolve any queries and receive more personalised advice and information

Breast implant removal recovery timeline

1 - 4 Days

  • Sleep upright in bed, supported by pillows to help reduce swelling
  • Wear a supportive bra
  • Take things easy when you get home
  • It is entirely normal to experience some pain in discomfort over these days

5 - 14 Days

  • Any pain or discomfort should become more manageable and the swelling will decrease
  • If it helps you, continue to wear a supportive bra
  • You may start driving again, only when you are comfortable
  • Slowly begin to increase your mobility, while still avoiding physical exercise

After 2 Weeks

  • You will notice a continued reduction in swelling and bruising
  • You should be able to return to work

After 4 Weeks

  • Begin gently exercising if you wish, but avoid anything too strenuous
  • The appearance of your breasts continue to improve

6 - 9 months

  • Scars will begin to soften and fade
  • After 9 months the healing process should be fully complete

What can I do to look after my surgical wounds?

You should take care of your surgical wounds and any scars to ensure the best possible cosmetic result from the operation. To help the scars heal properly, you should keep your scars out of the sun and use a high factor sunscreen if they are exposed. After the incision is fully healed you may wish to use scar gels or have a scar massage to aid the healing process.

What else can I do to ensure the best possible recovery from breast implant removal surgery?

You may be advised to adjust your personal hygiene routine. It is important to keep your scars clean however you may not be able to have a shower or get the treatment area wet for several days after your breast implant removal procedure.

  • Limit your physical movement for some time following surgery, which may require you to find help for washing and cleaning the treatment area.
  • Maintain a healthy diet to help recover from breast implant removal surgery. You should eat high-protein, low-sodium foods and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol if you are taking any medication.
  • Wear comfortable clothing after your surgery. Dressing and undressing should be done carefully to prevent you from straining or raising your arms above your head.

How does Medbelle support me through my breast implant removal procedure?

At Medbelle, the support and care for all of our patients is a top priority. Therefore, your personal Medbelle adviser will be available to answer all your questions in the lead up to your surgery and for up to 6 weeks afterwards. You will receive:

  • A Medbelle care package.
  • A Pre- & post-op guidebook with tips for your aftercare process and information about how to ensure a stress-free recovery.
  • Regular check-ins from your personal patient care adviser to support your recovery and assess your progress.

What can I do to prepare for breast implant removal surgery?

Following a breast implant removal procedure, some everyday tasks or activities may be difficult for some time. Below are some general breast implant removal surgery tips to help you have the smoothest recovery with the best possible results.

  • Do a big food shop for nutritious foods before your surgery.
  • Prepare and freeze meals to ensure you do not have to worry about cooking.
  • Complete your household chores before the day of your surgery, these tasks may be too strenuous or painful in the days after the breast implant removal procedure.
  • Reorganise your home to ensure any necessary items are within easy reach. This will help you avoid straining and help the healing process.
  • You may benefit from finding someone to help take care of young children or pets for the first week following your surgery. This can help you focus your energy on getting better and allow for a quicker recovery.