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Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is a common surgical procedure. The medical name for it is knee arthroplasty. During this surgery, any damaged bone and cartilage in the knee are replaced with an artificial joint. This can relieve pain and joint stiffness and improve mobility issues related to arthritis or injury.


Procedure time

1 to 2 hours


Overnight stay

3 to 5 nights



General or local with sedation


Recovery time

3-9 months

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Consultation FAQs
people_outline Why book a consultation? chevron_right

Why book a consultation?


Only your surgeon can

  • assess what outcomes they can achieve given
  • confirm whether or not you are eligible for surgery

Online resources, such as before & after photos and treatment guides are very helpful to give you a general understanding of what the procedure entails and who it is for. But you need to keep in mind that these are other people's results and general information. In order for you decide if the procedure is the right path for you, you need to know what outcomes your surgeon can achieve for your body.

Keep in mind: Your consultation is not binding. It is your opportunity to make sure you feel comfortable with the idea of having the procedure and to find a surgeon you trust.

What happens during the consultation?

The consultation revolves around your specific enquiry, but most consultations should include:

  • A review of your medical history
  • A discussion about your goals and expectations
  • A physical examination including an assessment of the area of your body you want to have surgery on. Please note that you may be asked to remove certain items of clothing during this part of the consultation. You will be offered a chaperone to attend for your comfort and safety
  • An explanation of the procedure(s) that your surgeon feels could best match your goals. This will include a discussion about the potential risks and complications

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Why choose Medbelle?

Reasons to choose Medbelle

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  • Why have knee replacement surgery?

    Why have knee replacement surgery?


    Knee joint replacement can improve a patient’s quality of life by reducing knee pain and increasing mobility. As a result, mental health can also improve after surgery as you are able to get back to doing your favourite activities and live with less pain.

    Underlying causes for knee replacement include:

    • Osteoarthritis
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Traumatic arthritis
    • Injury
    • Joint deterioration due to age
    • Joint deterioration caused by weight
    • Genetic predisposition or family history of joint deterioration
    • Gout
    • Death of the knee bones
    • It’s a big decision to have knee surgery. This means you may be a good candidate for surgery if non-surgical methods are not managing your pain.

      Non-surgical pain-management methods include:
    • Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication
    • Steroid injections
    • Weight loss
    • Regular exercise
    • Use of a mobility aid or walker
    • Book your free consultation with a Medbelle orthopaedic surgeon today to find out if knee joint replacement surgery is a good option for you.

  • How much does knee replacement surgery cost?

    How much does knee replacement surgery cost?


    In the UK, the price of one total knee replacement with a private care provider begins around £9,000 and can go up to £16,000.

    If you only need a partial knee joint replacement, the price is slightly less, starting at £8,000 and going up to £15,000.

    The wide price range is based on a number of factors including preexisting health conditions, and the location of the hospital.

    At Medbelle, prices and procedures are tailored to each patient. You can get a specific price for knee joint replacement surgery by scheduling your free consultation with a Medbelle orthopaedic surgeon.

    After your consultation, you will be given a price for the procedure. Your surgeon or Patient Care Adviser will explain exactly what this price includes and what it does not

    Your knee replacement surgery price will include:

    • Everything associated your stay in hospital
      • Accommodations
      • Nursing care
      • Surgical theatre fees
      • Physiotherapy
      • Imaging scans
      • Any necessary medications
      • Pathology tests
    • Aftercare package
      • 7 days worth of any medications prescribed by your surgeon
      • A standard mobility aid like crutches or a cane
      • 10 physiotherapy sessions
      • 1 post-operation X-ray

    Your surgery price will not include:

    • Diagnostic imaging scans
      • Each x-ray is an estimated £150
      • CT scans or MRIs cost from £500 to £600
    • Post-operation surgeon consultations
      • Each appointment is £150

    With Medbelle, you never have to worry about hidden charges. Every fee is discussed and explained before you agree to have surgery.

    Schedule your free consultation with a Medbelle orthopaedic surgeon today to find out if knee joint replacement surgery is right for you.

    Committing to knee joint replacement can provide major benefits to your quality of life, but Medbelle understands the cost is a large commitment.

    This is why we offer financing for orthopaedic surgery including knee replacement. This means you can break the price of your surgery into affordable monthly payments instead of paying one large sum.

    To learn more about Medbelle financing, contact a Patient Care Adviser today.

  • How is knee replacement surgery performed?

    How is knee replacement surgery performed?


    Knee joint replacement generally takes from 1 to 2 hours to perform.During surgery, damaged bone and cartilage from your knee joint. They will then replace the damaged parts with an artificial joint also called a prosthesis.

    Types of Knee Replacement Incisions

    Your surgeon will make a vertical cut on your knee.

    The size of this incision depends on the type of replacement you have.

    A total knee joint replacement involves a vertical incision down the entire front of the knee.

    Partial knee joint replacement usually requires a smaller vertical incision that is on the side of the knee joint that will be replaced.


    This image is of a scar from a full knee joint replacement after recovery.

  • Types of Knee Replacement Techniques

    Types of Knee Replacement Techniques


    To replace the knee joint, the surgeon removes the damaged bone and cartilage from the knee after making the incision.

    They shape the bottom of the thigh bone called the femur and the top of the shin bone called the tibia to fit the implant. This implant can replace the entire joint for a total knee replacement, or only half of the joint for a partial knee replacement.

    Your surgeon will tell you what kind of knee joint replacement you will have well before the day of your surgery.

    Total Knee Replacement

    As seen below, a total knee joint replacement involves implants on the femur and tibia, as well as a cushioning plastic between the two.


    The backside of the kneecap can sometimes also be resurfaced or be replaced with an implant.

    Partial Knee Replacement

    The procedure for partial knee joint replacement is nearly identical to that for total knee replacement. The only difference is that only half of the joint is replaced as seen in this diagram:


    After placing the prosthesis, the surgeon will test the fit of the artificial joint by moving your leg. They may make some final adjustments at this point.

    When they are happy that the artificial knee joint fits nicely, they secure the prosthetics into place. Sometimes they do this with the aid of a medical-grade bone adhesive.

    Once they are happy with the alignment, they will close the incisions and the surgery will end.

    You will stay in the hospital to recuperate from surgery for up to 5 nights depending on how quickly you recover.

  • Why choose a private provider for knee replacement surgery?

    Why choose a private provider for knee replacement surgery?


    If you are interested in knee joint replacement surgery, you don’t have to settle for the long wait times and lack of control that come with a public care option. Having knee replacement surgery with a private orthopaedic surgery provider like Medbelle may be right for you.

    Choosing Medbelle for your knee joint replacement surgery gives you control of your private orthopaedic care.

    Benefits of private orthopaedic care with Medbelle when compared to public options include:

    • Much shorter wait times
    • Easy appointment scheduling and rescheduling
    • A wide range of surgeons to choose from
    • Technologically advanced hospitals specialised for orthopaedic care
    • Your Medbelle Patient Care Adviser is there for you at every step

    Learn more here on the Medbelle blog about the other benefits of going private for your orthopaedic care.


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