Breast Enlargement Surgery | Recovery Guide


Recovering from a breast enlargement procedure usually takes around six weeks. It will then take up to six months for you to see the final results of your surgery. Throughout this period, it is crucial to follow the aftercare advice of your surgeon. You can also refer to our aftercare advice. That way, you can give yourself the best chance of the right results for you while also helping to reduce the risk of surgical complications.

The advice in this article is a general guide. You must always take the personalised advice from your surgeon over and above anything you read here, or, for that matter, anywhere online! Your Medbelle surgeon will get to know you personally throughout your consultations, your surgery and your follow-up appointments and will always have your best interests at heart. They will also be able to track your recovery and provide you with the most detailed and personally tailored advice accordingly.

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Every person’s body is unique and heals at a different pace. For this reason, not everyone can expect to have an identical recovery process. Deviations from the recovery timeline are not abnormal, but the information here nevertheless offers a good overview of what you can expect after your surgery and how long you should factor in for time off work or time spent resting to allow your body to heal.

It is worth noting that if you are currently in a process of recovery from a breast augmentation procedure and your experience differs greatly to this guide or our Recovery Timeline, you may want to consider scheduling a check-up with your surgeon or your GP. Breast augmentation procedures are one of the most popular surgeries in the United Kingdom if you choose an experienced surgeon, you will be in safe hands. Nonetheless, breast enlargement surgery, like any surgery does put your body under some strain, so you should remain proactive in seeking specialist advice, should something feel peculiar or painful. And, you should always try to be attentive to your body and how it heals.

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What can I expect in the period immediately after surgery?

You are usually able to return home the same day or day after your surgery. Before you are discharged from hospital, a follow-up appointment with the surgeon will be arranged so you can return within two weeks track your recovery and have your stitches removed (if they are non-dissolvable stitches). You will not be allowed to drive yourself home from the hospital so make prior arrangements for transport, you will also require the assistance from chaperone in the first 24 hours after surgery.

You should expect some discomfort in the days following immediately after your breast enlargement surgery. As the treatment area heals, you may experience bruising, swelling or burning sensations around your breasts. This is completely normal. You may also notice some bleeding or discharge of draining fluids originating from the incisions. This again is to be expected, but the bleeding should not be excessive and any fluids should be generally clear in colour and not foul-smelling. If you notice excessive bleeding or foul-smelling discharge, you should seek medical attention as it could be the indicator of an infection.

You may well feel tired and nauseous from your general anaesthetic. Drink lots of water or clear fluids and take some time to rest. Do not drive or engage in any strenuous activity during this time.

How much time should I have to take off work?

This always depends on your work. If your job requires you to engage in physical activity e.g. as a waitress, you will have to take at least a full week off work and make a slow and steady return to work after that.

For office jobs or non-physical work, take a few days off work, ideally a week, but of course, this might not always be possible we recommend that you start slowly and perhaps also take a few days rest, just to be sure. In any case, avoid even light duties for at least 2-3 weeks.

You should also factor in how you get to work. Your journey can sometimes be just as important as taking busy public transport can be more straining than your work itself. When can I expect to resume activities like exercise, sport or sexual activities?

  • Week 1-3: not at all. Aerobic activities may cause swelling
  • After week 3: sports that don’t include vigorous movement like cycling can be resumed
  • After week 6: all sports, exercise and sexual activities should be possible again

What can I do to ensure the best possible recovery from breast enlargement surgery?

  • Always follow your surgeon's advice first and foremost
  • Wear a support or post-operative bra for the first weeks, depending on your surgeon's recommendations
  • Maintain a nutritious and healthy diet to boost your recovery. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as high-protein, low-sodium foods
  • Refrain from smoking and nicotine products for at least two weeks after your surgery
  • Inspect the treatment area regularly and closely follow the advice of your surgeon and the tips in our aftercare guide

For more information on your recovery from a breast augmentation procedure, check out our Breast Enlargement Recovery Timeline which takes you through your recovery process step-by-step. As always, Medbelle is here to help you have a smooth and stress-free journey through your surgery and beyond. To begin your journey, schedule a call with a personal Patient Care Advisor today.