Breast Enlargement Surgery | Recovery Timeline

Breast Enlargement Surgery | Recovery Timeline
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As with any surgical procedure, the first few weeks of recovery are crucial to obtaining the best results. The most important advice we can offer is to follow your surgeon’s advice as closely as you possibly can. That said, this general timeline can still be useful to give you an insight into what to expect after your breast enlargement surgery and how much time you should plan for taking it easy and allowing your body to rest.

1-2 days after surgery

  • You may still feel tired and drowsy
  • Expect bruising, swelling and soreness around the treatment area
  • Do not engage in any strenuous aerobic activities or exercise
  • Bathe with caution, avoiding showering during this time and wash the treatment area with warm, clean, soapy water and a sponge instead
  • Unless instructed otherwise by your surgeon, wear your post-operative bra at all times during this period
  • Rest well, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet

3-4 after surgery

  • The anaesthetic should have worn off by this point but you should continue to take pain medication as per your surgeon’s instructions
  • Take a few short strolls around your house or, if you’re up for it, around the block. This can prevent blood clotting
  • Avoid physical exercise or sexual activities during this time
  • Continue to follow your surgeon’s post-operative advice as closely as you can
  • Sleeping may be more comfortable in an upright position as it can take the strain off your breasts and help to reduce swelling
  • Inspect your scars frequently and continue throughout the healing process

1-2 weeks after surgery

  • Some stretching and light movement may now be possible, but nothing which puts too much strain on your breasts and/or the treatment area
  • You will have a post-operative follow-up appointment with your Medbelle surgeon who will track your healing and continue to give you aftercare advice
  • If your stitches are not dissolvable, you will have these removed during your follow-up appointment
  • Most of your severe swelling and soreness will have passed, but it is likely your breasts will still be somewhat swollen, tingling or numb
  • You may re-engage in sexual activities if you wish

3-4 weeks after surgery

  • Most of your discomfort should have passed by now
  • Your post-operative bra may now be worn less frequently or not at all, depending on your surgeon’s instructions
  • Stretching, light aerobic exercises and cardio may now be possible again, but listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard
  • As before, avoid ball sports, contact sports or heavy lifting
  • You can expect some numbness or altered sensations around the treatment area
  • Continue to inspect your scars regularly. Keep them clean and dry and out of sunlight

6 weeks after surgery

  • You should be able to resume sports activities and exercise regularly. Heavy lifting and workouts are possible too, but always remain careful and listen to your body. You can undo all your hard work if you push yourself too far
  • Pain and sensitivity to the treatment area is now unlikely but not totally uncommon

3-6 months after surgery

  • Swelling, numbness and a lack of sensation is possible but should have totally passed by this point
  • The final results should be now visible
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