Primary Care Partners

Medbelle connects clinicians across the healthcare pathway to provide patients with a smoother experience, and our partnerships play a key role in that.

Primary Care Partners

Medbelle's network of primary care partners is growing all the time. Read more about some of those partners below, or click on each logo for more information.

One of Medbelle's unique benefits is the way we join up the entire healthcare pathway. This makes healthcare seamless for patients and helps clinicians to collaborate to improve patient care. Our network includes every aspect of healthcare, including surgeons, physiotherapists, GPs, hospitals and more.

If you're interested in the surgeons in our network, you can read more about them here.

Our primary care partners

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Why is partnership work important?

Healthcare is a complex industry relying on many specialists working together - but it is often so fragmented they can't collaborate efficiently.

Medbelle joins different parts of the patient's care pathway up seamlessly, making care more effective and more efficient.

Suchada Thongnam needed knee surgery urgently during a trip to the UK. She got in touch with Medbelle partners the Doctors Clinic Group, who quickly referred her to Medbelle, who arranged her surgery within a month. This seamless partnership meant that Suchada could access fast treatment with a minimum of stress.

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Collaboration goes beyond immediate patient care. We have teamed up with our physiotherapist partners to produce guidance for patients. We want to connect the expertise of our partners with as many patients as possible, as part of our mission to make the best healthcare accessible to all.

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