Breast Reduction Surgery


Simon Harby

by Simon Harby

Published: September 29th, 2020

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How much does a breast reduction cost in the UK?

Breast reduction surgery costs in the UK are difficult to estimate. However, we understand that price plays an important part in the decision journey for many breast reduction patients. This is why we have some broad information below on breast reduction cost in the UK.

In the UK, breast reduction surgery with a private surgery provider like Medbelle costs anywhere from £2,600 to £7,800 or more.

The average cost of breast reduction in the UK is around £5,800. As it is an average, know your breast reduction surgery cost in the UK may vary depending on a number of things.

What factors can change breast reduction surgery cost in the UK?

Commonly in the UK, your breast reduction price can be more or less expensive than the average because of factors like:

  • The location of the hospital
  • The availability of the surgeon
  • Pre-operative appointments included
  • Post-operative appointments included
  • Included extras (i.e. medication, overnight stay)

For example, your breast reduction cost in the UK will likely be higher at a metropolitan hospital compared to a hospital with a more suburban location.

Extra charges can make the sticker-price for breast reduction with other providers slightly misleading. Some private surgery providers do not include pre- or post-operative appointment fees in their breast reduction cost, or you may have to pay extra for a room upgrade or overnight stay.

These are just a few reasons why it is difficult to estimate the average price of breast reduction surgery.

How is my Medbelle breast reduction surgery cost calculated?

Every cosmetic surgery price with Medbelle is created for each patient individually. This is why it is so difficult to pinpoint an exact estimate for your breast reduction surgery cost with Medbelle.

Medbelle patients are given a price quote only after they have had their free surgeon consultation.

There are some things you never have to worry about with Medbelle, including hidden fees. You’ll never receive a surprise charge from us after you’re given a quote for your breast reduction surgery cost.

Prices for breast reduction surgery with Medbelle are inclusive and transparent from the start.

Plus, prices with Medbelle are based on the exact recommendations of your surgeon. There are no processing fees or other charges. You pay for everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Every Medbelle cosmetic surgery price includes:

  • All hospital fees
  • All surgeon fees
  • All aftercare fees
  • All pre-operative appointments
  • All post-operative appointments
  • Any fees related to your stay in the hospital
  • 10 days worth of any medications prescribed by your surgeon

In some cases, depending on the hospital, you may even have a post-operative compression garment included in the price of your breast reduction surgery.

The only way to find out what a breast reduction operation will cost for you with Medbelle is to have a free surgeon consultation and begin your journey.

How much does it cost for a breast reduction combined with another procedure?

If you combine another procedure with your breast reduction, your final cost will be more expensive than the cost for a breast reduction alone.

This combined price will likely be much less expensive than the cost of having each procedure separately.

Keep in mind that combining breast reduction with another procedure makes the surgery more complex and will require a more intensive recovery than breast reduction alone.

Commonly, breast reduction is combined with these procedures:

Could my breast reduction cost in the UK be covered by insurance?

Unlike some other purely cosmetic surgeries, breast reduction surgery can be medically recommended to patients whose health is impacted by the size of their breasts. You can read more about the possible health effects of having very large breasts here on the Medbelle blog.

For breast reduction in the UK, the price of surgery may very well be covered by your public or private insurance because of this.

It’s good to keep in mind that if you choose to have your breast reduction operation cost paid by your UK insurance, you are much more likely to have to wait months or even years to have surgery.

Waiting times for breast reduction on the NHS can mean you don’t have surgery for years, potentially.

With BMI, your breast reduction cost is likely covered depending on recommendations from your GP. The same is true for breast reduction costs under BUPA and other private insurers.

Currently, Medbelle does not accept insurance for breast reduction surgery.